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 RMT Guidelines

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PostSubject: RMT Guidelines   RMT Guidelines I_icon_minitimeTue Jul 02, 2013 12:51 pm

Hello everyone. I've decided to make some guidelines on how to make an RMT, so all are easy to read, rate and test. Please read through all of this if you plan to post an RMT, and want some ideas and such. Please use this for reference as well. If you have any questions, PM me.


An RMT is a way to display your best teams. A way to have others recognize your work/see your thought processes when you make a team. It is not a way to throw out your gimmick team that you made while eating breakfast. Nor is it somewhere for you to bash other teams. If you're rating the team, it's for you to provide constructive criticism of the team. It's not for you to call it stupid just because you don't agree with something within the team.

1. Do not post an incomplete team. This means a team that is without six Pokemon.
2. An importable of your team must be provided. The means of getting this means you have to click 'Export Team' in your teambuilder and copy/paste the raw data into your post.
3. Do not post here unless you are comfortable with anyone using your team.
4. Expect constructive criticism. You can ignore criticism/suggestions and argue them, but don't go too far.
5. Don't post if you aren't going to listen to suggestions
6. Contrary wise, if all you're going to do is bash/circlejerk don't post.
7. Including pictures would liven up your thread, so consider it!
8. Please base your RMT's competitively. A team of Magikarp or Arceus will not be accepted as an RMT.
9. Actually using the team before you post it would help you to better understand what exactly needs fixing, or help you understand the criticism you are receiving.
10. Name it properly. Give it a title, and please, put which tier it is.


There are a few things your RMT must/preferred contain, and these things are as follows;

1. An 'At a Glance' section.
*At a Glance is the section in which all six Pokemon on a given team (or 3 in the case of an RB team) are showcased merely with sprites, animated or not. This gives a glimpse at what the team will contain.
2. A Teambuilding Process
*This can show your mindset as you were building the team and better showcase the roles of each Pokemon and possible edits/changes the reader can make if they decide to adapt the said team.
3. An actual analysis.
--This is a given. An RMT must contain a detailed and in-depth analysis of each Pokemon on the team, it's set and it's role, as well as counters and checks. This provides the information of how the team works as a whole.
4. Export
--An export can be provided so a team can be used by someone else during their testing of the team.
5. Update Log.
*This is for keeping a record of the the changes you have made to your team. Put in a spoiler.

*Not mandatory, but preferred.

(If someone has already said it better, why not use what they said?)

Taken from Smogon, not direct link in case Smogon is down.


RMT ART RESOURCES Great for animated sprites.
Arkeis- Great for drawings of Pokemon, but doesn't have all of them.
Pokemonelite2000-Resource of stationary sprites - A one stop shop of sorts. Search for the pokemon, and get all of their official art.


Damge Calculator- Requires Microsoft Silverlight.
Marilland Teambuilder-Great for checking synergy
Beldum Labs Synergydex- A Pokedex that provides the best matchups for Pokemon in regards to defensive synergy by type and ability.


Hopefully this guide helps you step your RMT game up. Don't be afraid to offer suggestions for the guide, so I can consider them and possibly add them. Don't be afraid to refer back to this guide any time you need anything. Good luck and happy rating~.

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RMT Guidelines
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